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Grandparents House Rules Framed Print

Grandparents House Rules Framed Print

$ 50.00

Grandparents House Rules
Cookies for breakfast
Sleepovers welcome
Expect to be spoiled
Kitchen open 24 hours
Bedtime is negotiable
Grandchildren welcome…
Parents by appointment. 

Well Grandparents do know best...they did raise us!  But I don't remember living by these rules, do you?  This list of "Grandparents House Rules" are the kind of rules that every Grandchild will love and the kind of rules that Mom & Dad might not totally approve of!  Just perfect for those who take their job of spoiling serious!

This Illuminated calligraphy print is done by Kevin Dillon.  This 8x10 print is double-matted in a gilded frame with vine design,  with both an easel back and wall hanger for added display versatility.

Kevin Dillon, Celtic Artist 

For centuries, prior to the invention of the printing press, monastic artists had been hand lettering, illuminating and painting books and scrolls on parchment. The most significant illuminated manuscript in the world, The Book of Kells was produced by Irish monks. In the tradition of the Book of Kells, Celtic artist Kevin Dillon has rediscovered the same mediaeval techniques used by these monks. Using a mortar & pestle, Kevin crushes semi-precious stones - lapis lazuli, cinnabar, azurite, orpiment and malachite to make his own paints. Using a dip pen or goose quill the letters are meticulously applied by hand to the calf skin vellum. One at a time the colors are applied - first blue, followed by the reds, then each remaining color in turn. The final illumination is achieved using 24K gold leaf. The artist’s seal, a stylized design of his initials, is imprinted into molten, charred wax at the bottom of each piece making every print a unique piece of artwork to treasure for years to come.

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Customer Reviews

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