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Connemara Marble Rosary Key Chain - Oval Bead

Connemara Marble Rosary Key Chain - Oval Bead

$ 25.00

A Connemara Marble Rosary made in the single decade style - the name in gaelic is An Paidrín Beag (The little Rosary).

These single decades  are also known as a Penal Rosary. They were used in the Penal Times in Ireland when religion was suppressed and worship was forbidden. The small rosary was easier to hide and less likely to be found. 

The Rosary can be prayed by putting the ring around the thumb and praying the usual way, the second decade starts by moving the ring to the index finger and so on until the Rosary is said in full.

Connemara Marble comes from Galway and is carried as a token of luck and friendship. It is a true link to our complicated history and is a gift that will be appreciated and treasured.

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