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The Turf Peat Incense Co.

Turf Peat Incense is manufactured by a family run Business in Co. Tipperary in Ireland for the past 28 years. John O Brien, and Joannes Berkery emmigrated to Boston after their marriage in 1986. At that time many young Irish people had gone to USA to start a new life.

John & Joannes remained in Boston for 4 years. During that time they came to value more deeply the ways and traditions of Irish Life. At many Irish gatherings, a sod of turf would be lit and wafted around the room. John added “The aroma of the turf would bring me back to my childhood in Puckane and I would long for home” .

The idea of Irish Turf/Peat Incense was born. After returning home John & Joannes set up a business partnership in 1990. Business studies, planning and economics were studied at length. However the biggest challenge was the manufacturing of the incense sod. John and his father Paddy O’ Brien developed the process of converting this unique, natural component into incense. Irish Turf Incense was introduced to the Irish market in Jan 1994 on a national TV show: The Late Late Show (then hosted by Gay Byrne) and was hailed as one of the great innovative products of the year. 

Joannes adds “it is remarkable to witness how this small company manufacturing Turf/peat Incense, has withstood all the economic upheavals of the past decade. People worldwide love the scent of a turf fire. It brings them back to their roots and keeps them grounded in theses uncertain times”.