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Paddy Pals Teddy Bears


We're the Paddy Pals, the last of the wild Irish Teddy Bears who live deep in the Mountains of Mourne. We love hugs and smiles, fun and laughter... The Paddy Pals

Thousands of years ago all of Ireland was covered in deep forest where the Paddy Pals roamed freely. But as the human population grew the bears habitat receded year on year until eventually all the forests and wild places were nearly gone. The remainder of the wild Teddy Bears headed for the last wild place in Ireland, the Mountains of Mourne deep in County Down where they made their home.

As the years went by, they watched from afar the humans who lived in the valleys and towns below them. They watched the farmers tend their crops and the fishermen bring in their catch and slowly but surely, they evolved into a community of self-sufficient Teddy Bears who want for nothing.

The community of Paddy Pals make for treasured friends and companions and each of them comes with their own individual Irish talents. They love hugs and smiles, fun and laughter. Adored by both children and adults with their traditional Irish attire and welcoming smile. And whatever you do, don't forget, these are no ordinary bears, these are the last of the wild Irish bears and wherever they go, they bring the luck of the Irish with them. ☘