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Maura O'Rourke Art Prints

Island Life & Traditions is a beautifully illustrated new collection by artist Maura O'Rourke.  Life in many rural communities has not changed much in many ways.  The fishermen still walk with their currachs to the waters edge, small farmers work the land and go to the pub in the evening.  The local phone box is still a meeting place.  The milk churns still get collected from the gate each day by the dairy.  The church is still central to village life also visiting friends and neighbors.  Fishing and sheep rearing sustain many families who also keep hens at home.  This collections was painted from memories of many lovely visits and holidays on our island of Ireland.  

These prints are produced from original painting of Maura's.  Each one is a signed, hand numbered limited edition.

Maura hails from North County Dublin.