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Product Spotlight for February

Aran Woolen Mills Carraig Donn Designed in Ireland Family Owned & Operated Handmade Irish Made

The Aran Woollen Mills (formerly Carraig Donn) story began over 50 years ago when Maura and Padraig Hughes started the business to keep Irish crafts alive and provide local employment and to keep their children at home in Ireland.

For over 50 years the heart of this design and manufacturing has been in the West of Ireland; the source of their uniquely Irish garments and products.

Since 1965 the family business has created garments for the contemporary world inspired by a simpler, slower way of life; beside and sustained by the sea, hills and mountains, closer to the ever-changing elements and grounded on an appreciation and understanding of craft, tradition and nature.

Today the 3rd generation of this family business has grown the company into an iconic Irish brand supplying knitwear around the world.

Their new logo depicts a trinity symbol which represents the coming together of three elements; West of Ireland clouds signifying nature, rolling waves and sea spray signifying their location and origins beside the Atlantic Ocean, and curling wool representing the use of quality materials and history of craftsmanship.  The three elements unite to symbolise the authentic spirit of Ireland and of Irish Knitwear.

Aran Woolen Mills take pride in knowing their garments and products address a deep desire in people all over the world to share in uniquely Irish values. They are constantly renew timeless designs to create and share products which represent and communicate the authentic spirit of Ireland wherever they are worn today.


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