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Forgotten China Jewelry

Forgotten China is an award winning Irish business, which rescues old, vintage china from the cupboards of Ireland and gives it a new lease of life in unique pieces of beautiful, upcycled Irish craft! Founded by Julie Swan, Forgotten China takes vintage cups and saucers and turn them into bespoke lighting installations and hand-poured soy candles, plates into cakestands, and cracked or broken vintage china into unique pieces of very special jewellery.

Julie scours charity shops and auction rooms across the country for vintage plates, cups and saucers, keeping an eagle eye out for the local, Irish sets that once took pride of place on the dressers of our mothers and grandmothers. She loves how a piece of Royal Tara or Arklow pottery can evoke a distant memory – a Sunday tea with grandparents in the country, or a Christmas spent with favourite cousins – and likes to think that her Forgotten China creations help to keep these special moments alive.

As everything is handmade from odds and ends of old – sometimes discontinued – china sets, each Forgotten China piece is unique and there are never more than a few similar items in stock.