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Woven Throw Wrap

Woven Throw Wrap

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Please Note: This is a Christmas Special. Quantities are limited.  Any questions, please email us.

Aran Woollen Mills (formerly known as Carraig Donn) is one of Ireland's largest home based knitwear manufacturer. Established in 1968, the Westport-based family business offers the very best in both traditional and contemporary Irish knitwear. Nestled in the foothills of Croagh Patrick in the West of Ireland, Aran Woollen Mills draws much of it's inspiration from the landscape surrounding it. A passion for design combined with the finest yarns has enabled Aran Woollen Mills to perfect the art of Irish Knitwear, drawing heavily from a Celtic tradition.

This classic shoulder wrap is made of 100% woven wool.  The band at the bottom of this wrap is reminiscent of a "Crios" belt. The traditional Crios was made of hand-woven wool of several colors and shades. The Irish Crios survived well into the twentieth century, worn by the people of the Aran Islands. Shorter Crios now are popular as hand-fasting cords, both in religious and secular weddings. This wool throw wrap maintains the timeless elegance of Irish traditions from the past.

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