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Worry Fairy

Worry Fairy

$ 19.95

This lovely fairy can help you with all sorts of worries.  Everything from trouble at school, and home to problems with friends.  Even when you feel anxious and are not sure why.  The Worry Fairy is also very good at taking bad dreams away, just like a dream catcher...she will catch your bad dreams and whisk them away.  

Simply hang the fairy in your room, above your bed or by a window.  You then whisper your worries to your fairy, or write them down and pop them in the envelope provided.  Use a little of the fairy dust to sprinkle on the fairy, this will help the magic happen.  Your Worry Fairy will then do her best to whisk your worries and bad dreams away to fairyland.

Each Worry Fairy is handmade in County Galway and will arrive box.  Please note that fairy dust comes in many different colors and is unique to every fairy. 

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