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Shamrock Bobble Hat - Cream

Shamrock Bobble Hat - Cream

$ 45.00

This Shamrock Bobble Hat from Saol knitwear is a great way to show off your Irish pride this March and for St. Patrick’s Day. The knit patterns come from the fishermen’s sweaters of the remote Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland and date back centuries. The interwoven cable and diamond patterns are thought to represent the ropes and nets of these fishermen and believed to bring good luck with worn. 

 Doubling down on the Irish luck are the three shamrocks knit into the ends of the scarf in lovely bright contrasting colors. The Shamrock is most closely associated with Ireland and St. Patrick himself, and is believed to be how he converted the island’s pagan inhabitants to Catholicism by teaching them about the Holy Trinity. 

 Let your Irish heritage fly! 

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