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Opal China Round Earrings

Opal China Round Earrings

$ 65.00

LAST OF THIS PATTERNED CHINA!!! Once this collection is sold out, it is gone!

Unique, sterling silver drop earrings, made in Ireland from tiny pieces of a broken saucer, set into sterling silver and then finished with a touch of resin. Each piece of china is approximately .5" in diameter and is cut, sanded and finished in Ireland.

Although, these earrings do not have a typical china pattern on it, they have a mother-of-pearl/opal effect which means that it is extremely versatile and can be worn as a more everyday piece.  The iridescent look to this piece is simply stunning!!!

Please Note: Each piece of Forgotten China is unique to the pattern cut from the pieces of china.  Pieces might vary slightly from the image that is shown.  Each piece is unique for you!

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