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Mug of Hope

Mug of Hope

$ 35.00

The Mug of Hope!

This mug was designed by Belleek Collector and Cancer survivor Johannah Purdon; developed by Belleek's head of design (Fergus Cleary) and beautifully handcrafted by the master craftpeople of Belleek, Ireland.

For every mug sold, Belleek will donate 20% of each sale to the chosen cancer charities, helping to fund research into finding a medical cure for a disease that leaves no family untouched.

In Johannah's words;

"I am a survivor! Three words no-one ever wants to hear "You have Cancer!" Me? - I have Cancer? How is that possible? Your life is forever changed after that. The journey begins with educating yourself on the disease and what treatment is available. Doctors, surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and medical insurance. It seems never ending! Cancer affects everone around you, co-workers, friends and family. Without their support and help it is hard to get through it! I am blessed that my husband was with me all the way, I survived! But I have many co-workers, friends and family who didn't. I have been doing volunteer work since I was a teenager and as I've gotten older and seen all the devestation and heartbreak caused by this dreadful disease, I have volunteered steadily for many Cancer charities - we need to find a cure! One of the bright spots in my life has been my love of Belleek and the Collectors Society. It has brought me much joy on dark days as have all my Belleek Family! Cancer has taught me to treasure each moment and live life fully. My motto in life has always been - Live, Laugh, Love, Sing, Dance. Share a hug and tell someone you love them today. Lets all fill these Mugs of Hope and help find the cure for Cancer"

  • Designed by Johannah Purdon
  • Created by Belleek Pottery
  • Measures - 5"H x 3.4"w x 4.7"L x 12fl oz C
  • Charities Chosen - American Cancer Society and Cancer Research UK

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