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Kilkenny Marble Round Pendant

Kilkenny Marble Round Pendant

$ 25.00

Made by Sue Bowden in Thomastown, Kilkenny. This traditional Irish Celtic Knotwork design is inset into round shape pendant and is surrounded by Kilkenny Marble. Kilkenny Marble is a dark limestone. This sophisticated and beautiful black stone was formed in the geological time known as the Carboniferous period and is flecked with paler shades. These shades represent the fossilized shelly creatures, corals and sea lilies contained therein. Quarried in Kilkenny for hundreds of years it gives this medieval city its name "The Marble City".

This pendant is packaged on a Kilkenny Marble informational card, on an 18" sterling silver chain, and is approximately 1" long and .4" wide.

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