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Harp Tile - Clearance

Harp Tile - Clearance

$ 25.00 $ 50.00

All clearance items are final sale.  No returns and/or exchanges will be accepted on these items.  They are all first run, brand new items that have been discontinued and discounted by The Counties of Ireland.
Please email or call us with any questions you might have.

The label on back of tile reads... 

 The true meaning behind Celtic  designs is lost in the mists of  history, little real documentary evidence exists today. Whatever the  thoughts in the minds of those artists & story tellers long ago we encourage you to enjoy their beauty and dream your own thoughts.

The dog / hound symbolize loyalty and companionship between human and animal. The hound is often found in Celtic art and mythology and is considered to represent good luck.

The companionship of the dog is thought to bring good health and ward off illness associated with loneliness. The Celts valued the hound as a faithful hunting companion.

Many Celtic myths & legends include the mention of hounds. The most famous involves the Celtic hero Cuchulainn

Wild Rose Pottery makes tiles from stoneware clay, they are individually hand crafted and are twice fired in our kilns. The Parchment tiles are made with rough torn edges which gives a unique artistic form. They are mounted on a 7 1/2 inches square black wood frame. A wall hanging clip, rubber wall protectors and a descriptive label is attached to the back of the frame.

All tiles are Individually Boxed.

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