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1916 Easter Rising Centennial Tile

1916 Easter Rising Centennial Tile

$ 70.00

This special tile and associated documents are gift boxed to provide a memorable heirloom for anyone interested in the history of Ireland. The Rising itself was the beginning of a difficult journey which eventually led to the “Republic of Ireland Act 1948”. This finally gave Ireland full independence when it came into force on Easter Monday 1949, exactly on the 33rd anniversary of the beginning of the Easter Rising.

Wild Rose Pottery makes tiles from stoneware clay, they are individually hand crafted and are twice fired in our kilns. The Parchment tiles are made with rough torn edges which gives a unique artistic form. They are mounted on a 7 1/2 inches square black wood frame. A wall hanging clip, rubber wall protectors and a descriptive label is attached to the back of the frame.

All tiles are Individually Boxed.

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