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Tracy Gilbert Collection

Tracy Gilbert is a Dublin-based jewelry designer and maker of hand-crafted jewelry.

Tracy is immensely proud of her Irish heritage. She was born in Dublin city centre and was educated through the Irish language. Tracy has always been inspired by the rich artistic and mythological history of Ireland.

Sites like Newgrange directly influence her jewelry designs. As a child, she was in awe of how Newgrange allowed the light to shine through its chambers on the winter solstice to spectacular effect. Through combining precious metals with translucent materials, she has attempted to recreate the magic of Newgrange to allow the light to shine through her pieces to reveal Celtic spirals (triskele). This can be seen in her Growing Home colored collection.

Each piece is meticulously made with love for Irish roots, history and folklore.

Tracy's aim is to intertwine her Irish pride with imagination to create beautiful original jewelry designs that reflect Ireland’s artistic and mythological heritage.
She particularly enjoys exploring and re-imagining existing Celtic symbolism to create pieces that have a special meaning attaching to them.

"It’s important that I create special pieces that resonate with the wearer. I have a simple test when I work on a piece to determine whether it will become part of my collection. Once I’ve finished working on it at the bench, I place it in my left hand and close. If my heart quickens when I open my hand because the piece excites me, I continue to develop it."