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"Dash" Sock Dog

"Dash" Sock Dog

$ 40.00

Dash here – how do you do? I’m a brown SockDog with contrasting ears and soft felt eyes and nose. I have patches on my rump and my collar is woven ribbon. I’m a real looking SockDog and ready to be adopted. I am looking for someone who likes to cuddle, snuggle, and will give me tons of that you?

Red Rufus SockDogs are handmade in South County Dublin, by Christina and her small team of sewing ladies. A pair of socks is cut, stuffed and sewn to make a dog and then the fun really starts! Each SockDog is embellished with ribbon, buttons, felt and fabric to make a uniquely charming friend bursting with classic style and charm.

PLEASE NOTE: Colors might vary slightly since these guys are all hand made.

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