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Snacks in School!

Snacks in School The Counties of Ireland

Something as simple as not having a snack in school can make a child feel left out. We believe that no matter the circumstances, no child should be left out of snack time!

So starting Friday, November 23th and running through Monday, December 24th The Counties of Ireland will be accepting individually packaged box snack donations this holiday season to donate to local schools so no child is ever left out of snack time. For every box of individually package box of snacks you bring in you will receive 10% off one regularly priced item....bring in two boxes and receive 10% off two regularly priced items...bring in three boxes and receive 10% off three regularly priced items...and so on and so forth! For every box of snacks donation we receive, The Counties of Ireland will match the donation...doubling what we are able to provide our local schools.

Our snack fairies will be delivering these snacks to any local school in need of snacks for their children in each child will feel included starting the New Year. If you are a local school in need of snacks for your children, please email us at with "Snack Time" in the RE: line. 

Please share this post for all and lets get snacks to our truly does take a village! 

PLEASE NOTE: Don't forget to include our little friends with nut & gluten allergies. I know that popchips and rice crackers are gluten free. I will look for an approved nut free list also.  As soon as I have a list of nut free snacks, I will post the list.

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