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Product Spotlight for July

Bog Standand Candles Fragrances Luxury Scents Smells of Ireland

With roots firmly planted in Irish landscapes, wildflower woodlands and wind blown coastlines, Bog Standard’s scented candles, fine soaps and home fragrance collections reflect the wonderful natural heritage. The lush green patchworks of fields, windy twisty country roads, higgledy piggledy dry stone walls, long sandy beaches, moist mist and rain are never far away. In essence, Bog Standard has tried to ‘bottle’ all that is lovely about Irish life and landscape and share it. Wherever you travel in Ireland you can’t fail to be seduced time and time again by the beauty, sights and smells of this land.

Creating beautiful scents is at the heart of Alix's  business, there’s nothing quite like the power of a scent to bring treasured memories of childhood days or holidays in Ireland flooding back. Whether it’s a lingering hint of a wild roses damp with dew, the fragrance of freshly cut grass bloom or the scent of “just” washed linen in the breeze, Bog Standard scents will whisk you back to happy times. 

So grab a candle, light it and let the sweet scents take you back to Ireland!

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